SuspAct pricing

SuspAct chassis software is targeted at professional race teams, private racers and technical interested track day riders. The SupAct geometry software is developed in a racing environment. This means that the software is easy to use with a practical approach. 

SuspAct Track license

You buy a dongle with your unique code. This dongle allows you to use the software. Next to the dongle you will need to purchase the bike file for your bike model.

We supply two levels of bike files. .BK1 files are mainly about the bike geometry and suspension forces. With .BK2 files you can learn about geometry and more advanced suspension parameters. 

.BK1 file basic bike file
.BK2 file advanced bike file (You can upgrade a .BK1 file to a .BK2 file)

To compare several bike models, you can buy additional bike files to your dongle. Alternative linkages can be added to the files on request. 

The Track license has no time limit.


SuspAct Dongle                              €85,-

.BK1 file                                            €439,-

.BK2 file                                            €599,-

All Prices excl. VAT, including shipping of the dongle to the customer

SuspAct Team license

For motorcycle factories and R&D we do have an open license where you have the possibility to edit and modify the bike models yourself. In this case the Dongle is time limited, the license needs to be renewed every 1 or 2 years.

For the team license you still have got the possibility to use the .BK1 and .BK2 bike files in addition, so you can benefit from our bike model database.


SuspAct Team Dongle                   €899,- per year

All Prices excl. VAT, including shipping of the dongle to the customer